Sinead Clancy (Moycullen to Hollywood, USA)

Sinead Clancy (Moycullen to Hollywood, USA)

 Sinead Clancy & Kids

Having honed her skills at the fledgling TG4 station and at Roger Corman’s studios in Connemara, Sinead Clancy has brought her talents to bear on a Hollywood stage, quite literally.

Name: Sinead Clancy

Now living in: USA

From: Moycullen


Having honed her skills at the fledgling TG4 station and at Roger Corman’s studios in Connemara, Sinead Clancy has brought her talents to bear on a Hollywood stage, quite literally. Although she exchanged Ros na Rún to work with stars such as Kelsey Grammer, Martin Lawrence and Reba McEntire, her Galway roots are still very important to this Moycullen native. This is exemplified by her regular trips back to Galway, as well as the fact that her young son is learning to speak Irish!

I was born and raised in Moycullen, attending secondary school at Coláiste Chroi Mhuire, An Spidéal. I developed a deep love of the arts with the Nuns at school. One of my memories of the daily school bus journey, was seeing The Waterboys hanging around the village when they recorded Fisherman’s Blues in the mid-1980s. When I finished my Leaving Cert, I moved to Dublin and graduated from the National College of Art and Design, with a degree in Design. Afterwards, I came back to Galway and started the very first year of the post graduate diploma for Film and Television Studies at GMIT’s Cluain Mhuire campus. I toughed it out and paid my way through college by bartending in The Quays and The Skeff, although it’s fair to say I did manage to have plenty of fun along the way!

After my time in GMIT, I worked as a trainee Art Director on the film Maigret in Galway, through a placement from Údaras na Gaeltachta. I followed with a few pilots for the launch of TG4 and was the first Production Designer for Roger Corman’s Studios Concorde Anois out in Tully, where I worked on his first five features. From there, I was offered the role of Art Director on Ros na Rún, and after the pilot, I became Production Designer, working on the show for three seasons. Around that time, I met an American on one of Corman’s films. We ended up getting married and I moved to Los Angeles, where I have continued to work in the industry in Hollywood.


The move to the U.S was not without it difficulties. Driving was the hardest part as I had to learn to drive on the wrong side of the road and navigate the crazy freeways! LA is so spread out, you have to use a car to get anywhere. Initially, it was very hard being away from family and friends. Socially, I was starting from scratch and it certainly took a while to build up a network of friends and community.

My work here is mostly in television as a Set Decorator and I am grateful to live in a city which allowed me to transfer my skills so readily and has offered me so many opportunities. To date I have worked with stars like Kelsey Grammer, Martin Lawrence and Reba McEntire. I have been fortunate enough to consistantly work on well-known networks such as NBC, WB, ABC, DISNEY and FOX. Currently, I am proud to be working on the fourth season of a show called Mistresses for ABC.

Small-Town America Feel

I love the weather and the lifestyle here. I found an amazing place to live on the outskirts of LA that has a wonderful small-town America feel. I am divorced and I am a mother to beautiful twins, a boy and a girl, both of whom were born and raised here and go to school locally. My son was diagnosed with autism at the age of 2 and the services, which the state of California have provided for him, have been beyond compare. Both kids love the locality as well and take part in the annual Christmas Parade. Everything here is within walking distance, restaurants, stores and even a movie theatre. I have established a wonderful community of friends, including a great network of Irish pals who I get to meet once a month for lunch.

While our lives are very firmly rooted here now, I do maintain very strong links with my family back in Galway. Almost all of them, including extended relatives, have visited me in LA at one point or another and I also try to make it home for Paddy’s Day each year. This gives the kids the chance to connect with all their cousins, aunts, uncles and their Granny and Grandad, who they love dearly. It also gives me the chance to hit up McDonagh’s on Quay Street for a much-missed fish and chips! Despite constantly teasing me about my Irish accent, the kids love that they have an Irish heritage and both have their Irish passports. My son has taken it a step further and is learning to speak Irish through an app called DuoLingo!