Aims of the Project

Work, adventure, love, new experiences... just some of the reasons that Galway people have traditionally left their native county and country. Despite the mark our diaspora has made on a global level, these stories have not typically been recorded. For the benefit of present and future generations, however, The Galway Tribal Diaspora seeks to redress this imbalance by gathering information on people who have left Galway to live and /or work abroad. This exciting new project has a number of aims, these include:

  • The construction of an online exhibition highlighting the variety of locations around the globe where Galway people  currently reside
  • Recognising the contribution that Galway people make on a global stage
  • Strengthening the connection between Galway people overseas and their native county
  • Exploring the reasons why people left Galway and Ireland
  • Examining what the diaspora miss about Galway

Please help us to forge a real and lasting link between Galway and its son and daughters throughout the world. Visit the ‘Tell us Your Story’ section on this website, or email us to let us know of any ‘Tribal Diaspora’ that we should contact.