Galway Tribal Diaspora Project

Welcome to The Galway Tribal Diaspora Project - an exciting new initiative which seeks to gather the stories and life experiences of Galway people living abroad a part of an on-line exhibition. The aims of the project are to provide an insight into the lives of present-day Galway emigrants and also to foster a greater sense of connection between Galway’s diaspora and their home county.

You can read a selection of the stories gathered to date from Galwegians around the world below and on our STORIES page. If you would like get involved, or, to nominate someone, we would be delighted to hear from you.

For centuries, Galway people have emigrated for a variety of reasons…money, adventure, love, opportunity, to mention a few. These emigrants carry the traditions and heritage of their county with pride wherever they go in the world and while each of their  accounts of emigration is unique, it is usually a decision not taken lightly. Our aim is to collect as many stories as possible in order to reflect the individual experiences of Galway’s current worldwide diaspora.

To get started, you can fill out the submission form HERE. Our dedicated team will then be in touch and will help to write up each individual’s story which will be then posted on this site along with a photo of the participant subject to their approval. This overall exhibition will be a valuable resource for present and future generations.

Galway Tribal Diaspora is being undertaken by Dúchas na Gaillimhe - Galway Civic Trust a heritage organisation committed to protecting and enhancing Galway’s natural, built and cultural heritage. The core work of the Trust is funded by Galway City Council. We also  gratefully acknowledge support for this project from the Government's Local Diaspora Engagement Fund and from Galway County Council as part the Diaspora Strategy for the county.

Further details of our organisation and our many projects, can be found at www.galwaycivictrust.ie

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